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November 2012  

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Greetings from the CSE Chair

Chairman Barrett Bryant

Dear CSE Alumni and Friends,

Our UNT Department of Computer Science and Engineering celebrated its 40th anniversary on October 26, 2012. We are glad that so many of you came back to celebrate with us. It was a fun evening of connecting with old friends and meeting new friends. We are grateful to Nelson Cicchito, BS 1989, whose company Avatier Corp. sponsored this event. Alumni support is very important for the success of our CSE Department.

I want to share the news of many of our research groups in our CSE Department. We have a new NSF grant to support PhD students in our Center for Information and Computer Security. The Language and Information Technologies group is growing with the addition of Dr. Rodney Nielsen. Dr. Cornelia Caragea will also contribute to this group, and also the Center for Computational Epidemiology and Response Analysis. The Net-Centric Software and Systems Industry/University Cooperative Research Center is also growing and just had its semi-annual meeting. We are building our strength in software engineering with the addition of Dr. Renee Bryce. Please read below about all the activities in our department.

There are always opportunities for you, our alumni, to come back to campus. The week after our 40th Anniversary, UNT had its Homecoming weekend and the College of Engineering hosted a tent full of food with current CSE students making presentations. The Dean, Dr. Costas Tsatsoulis, and I were there to talk with alumni. It was good to see a few of you there. In Spring, you are invited to be a Professor for a Day and share your professional expertise with our students. Of course, you are welcome to visit us any time at Discovery Park!

Thanks for your support of our CSE Department!

Barrett Bryant
Professor and Chair

Alumni News Special Edition

Alumni, faculty and staff celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at a banquet on October 26, 2012 at the new UNT Apogee Stadium. As guests arrived, hors d'oeuvres were served in a large room overlooking the football field of the beautiful new stadium. An open bar was also available for guests. Alumni, faculty and staff mingled for an hour while they listened to a jazz trio made up of students from the UNT College of Music.

At 7 pm, guests began to seat themselves in the dining room. Dinner was a choice of Tuscan-style rib-eye, stuffed chicken breast or Vegetable Wellington. Following dinner, CSE Chair Dr. Barrett Bryant welcomed guests and invited alumni to stand by class year. He also recognized retired faculty members, current faculty and staff members.

Then Dr. Bryant introduced Dr. Warren Burggren, UNT Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. Dr. Burggren spoke about the importance of the CSE Department for the University of North Texas. Following Dr. Burggren's speech, the Dean of the College of Engineering, Dr. Costas Tsatsoulis, added his remarks and congratulated the CSE Department on its 40th anniversary.

Nelson Cichitto BS 1989, spoke about his experience in the Department of Computer Science and how it helped him to found his own company Avatier Corp.. He was grateful that his education had laid the foundation for his successful career. Finally he said that it was important to give back to the department after all he had received through his UNT education. Nelson's gift to the CSE Department helped make this anniversary celebration possible. It was a very special evening enjoyed by all who attended.

Before the banquet, alumni toured our Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Discovery Park.

(L-R) Kelly Gibson, BS 1989; Nelson Cicchitto, BS 1989, his wife Alisa, and Eric Havens, BS 1993
(L-R) Helen Li, MS 1998; Dian Fan, BS 1995, MS 1996; Jun Fang, MS 1998; Bin Li, MS 1996; Jeff Carruth, BS 1982, MS 1984; Mike Flannery, MS 1986; Ram Dantu, NSL Director; Barrett Bryant, CSE Chair.
(L-R) Yi Zhang, MS 1998; daughter Annabel Wei; Ming Wei, PhD 2002; Armin Mikler, Director of CERL; Tom Irby, retired CSE faculty member; Mohamed Sakr, MS 1988; Zina Ashby Townley, BS 1987;
Wes Fox, BS 1992; Jeremy Martin, BS 2001; Barrett Bryant, CSE Chair.

The media gallery page of the alumni tour is located HERE.

Group photos during the evening celebration:

(L-R) Don Retzlaff, Steve Crozier, Elisa Retzlaff, Tom Irby, Jeff Carruth, Jim Poirot, Mike Flanery,
Doug Hall, Nelson Cicchitto
(L-R) Ming Wei, Yi Zhang, Jun Fang, Ruozhao Xu, Bin Li, Jia Yuan, Dr. Xiaohui Yuan, Dian Fan,
Baoshan Han and Weizhen Li
(L-R) Prakash Kolan, Kiran Venkatadusumelli, Dr. Ram Dantu, Mahesh Venkatadusumelli
Don Retzlaff and Kathy Foster recognized for graduating in the 1970s

A media gallery page with additional pictures of the 40th anniversary is HERE.

In response to the success of the department's 40th anniversary celebration, university officials and alumni had the following comments:

The 40th anniversary event that the Department of Computer Science and Engineering held at Apogee Stadium in late October was not just a highly enjoyable experience, but appeared to me to be a turning point in the relations between the department and its alumni. The energy and enthusiasm was palpable, and several alumni indicated that they would come back every year to a event like this, not waiting for the next 40 years! The department is to be commended on this effort, as are the alumni who take obvious pride in their UNT education.

Warren Burggren, UNT Provost

It was a distinct pleasure to attend the celebration of the 40th anniversary of Computer Science and Engineering at UNT. Talking to the alumni it was clear how proud they were of their UNT degree, how their education had been instrumental to their professional successes, how connected they felt to their old department and alma mater, and how committed they were to give back. To all our alumni and to all our current students, I promise that we will continue to offer an outstanding undergraduate and graduate educational experience that can lead to life-long professional attainment, we will continue to add value to your degree, we will continue to make CSE and UNT ever better, and will strive to build stronger, long-lasting relations with everyone who calls himself or herself a Mean Green CSE graduate.

Costas Tsatsoulis, Dean and Professor, College of Engineering

It was my pleasure as Chair to see so many alumni and former faculty at our department's 40th anniversary celebration. There were graduates from all five decades of the department's history, including from the first undergraduate and Ph.D. Graduating classes, and the first faculty member, Dr. Tom Irby. Our department has grown a lot over the last 40 years and we will continue to advance and strive to be a department our alumni and former faculty can be increasingly proud of with each year.

Barrett Bryant, Professor and Chair, Computer Science Department

The 40th anniversary UNT Computer Science Celebration was a tremendous success. It brought together several decades of graduates and faculty from the 1970's all the way up to present. It was a chance for families and students and faculty to reconnect with people they have not seen for many years. New business relationships were forged and friendships created.

Before the evening's festivities, we received a personalized presentation from the Dean of the college and met with Chair of the department.

In addition to the great venue, food, drinks, and music, the evening offered incredible stories, shared experiences as well as a tour of the new Computer Science and Engineering Department. During the tour we were surprised to have a private demonstration of the latest computer science research from UNT. You were also surprised to learn graduates of UNT created the game "Call of Duty" and held important IT roles for major companies like PepsiCo.

UNT's Computer Science and Engineering Department has expanded a lot since I graduated but has been able to maintain the great staff while improving the quality of education they produce. Everyone should be proud as I am to graduate from this great university.

Nelson Cicchitto, BS 1989

It was a wonderful event! I had a lot of fun, and learned a lot about the new CSE Department. It felt great to be back on campus after so many years. Thank you!

Bin Li, MS 1996

I had a wonderful time at the 40th Anniversary Celebration! It was a great opportunity to meet with others in the industry, as well as catch up with past professors from the university! I was very glad I went, and I hope to attend any future events!

Stefan Zuefeldt, BS 2012

I graduated in 1998 and have so many fond memories of my time as a Computer Science student — from Ian Parberry's Games Programming class to Don Retzlaff's programming classes — all in the General Academic Building.

It was around 1996 when I took my first programming class with Don Retzlaff. The class was called Assembly Language and was very special to me because it marked the beginning of my rewarding and challenging profession in Computer Science. Eighteen years later I'm still in the Information Technology field. My career has been absolutely amazing and I owe it all to that first class I took with Don. He showed me the fun you can have with programming that eventually led to my decision to choose Computer Science as my major.

I'm grateful I was able to meet with Don and his lovely wife at the celebration event to thank him in person - 18 years later!

Greg Thurman, BS 1998

Department of Computer Science and Engineering News

UNT receives NSF award to provide Scholarship for Service PhD with Information Assurance concentration to US citizens

The National Science Foundation has awarded UNT $1 million over 5 years for Scholarship for Service (SFS) PhD with Information Assurance (IA) concentration. This grant will enable US citizens to pursue a PhD degree in Information Assurance (IA) on a full-time basis and provide six PhD students with scholarships, including stipends, tuition, health insurance, travel and textbooks.

The University of North Texas Interdisciplinary Information Assurance PhD Program responds to the varied and changing needs of an information age. This program's graduates will be prepared to contribute to the advancement and evolution of the information society in a variety of roles and settings as scientists, educators, administrators, and information security architects.

Dr. Ram Dantu is the Principal Investigator on this NSF award. More on Information Assurance is available in this flyer. For more information on this program and application details, please go to this Center for Information and Computer Security website.

News from the Language and Information Technologies Group

(L-R): Wesley Baugh, Nishitha Guntakandla, Madalina Mitran, Veronica Perez-Rosas, Rodney Nielsen, Vanessa Loza-Ponce, Chris Hokamp, Erwin Fernandez-Ordonez, Ravi Sinha, Shibamouli Lahiri, Rada Mihalcea, Bharath Dandala, Keshavan Rav, Kelly Bristow

The Language and Information Technologies group welcomed Dr. Rodney Nielsen when he joined the CSE faculty this summer. The LIT group has had a busy summer and fall semesters.

The highlights of these past two semesters are two new PhDs in the group: in summer, Michael Mohler successfully defended his dissertation on "Sentence Similarity Analysis with Applications in Automatic Short Answer Grading," followed this fall by Ben Leong, who presented his dissertation on "Modeling Synergistic Relationships between words and images". Michael is now working as a research scientist at the Language Computer Corporation in Richardson, and Ben has just started his new position as a research engineer at the Educational Testing Services in Princeton.

They also had several other achievements:

  • Rajitha Schellenberg has presented her thesis titled "Automated Classification of Emotions in Song Lyrics".

  • Bharath Dandala, Rada Mihalcea, and Razvan Bunescu published a book chapter on "Word Sense Disambiguation using Wikipedia", to appear in "The People's Web Meets NLP: Collaboratively Constructed Language Resources", Springer book series "Theory and Applications of Natural Language Processing".

  • Diana McCarthy, Ravi Sinha, and Rada Mihalcea's paper on "The Cross-Lingual Lexical Substitution Task" was accepted for publication in the Language Resources and Evaluations journal.

  • Ravi Sinha and Rada Mihalcea's paper on "Explorations in Lexical sample and All-words Lexical Substitution" was accepted for publication in the Journal of Natural Language Engineering.

  • Veronica Perez-Rosas, Rada Mihalcea, and Louis-Philippe Morency's article on "Multimodal Sentiment Analysis of Spanish Online Videos" was accepted for publication in IEEE Intelligent Systems.

  • Rada Mihalcea has delivered two keynote talks, at the ACL 2012 Workshop on Computational Approaches to Subjectivity and Sentiment Analysis, held on July 12, 2012 in Jeju Island, Korea, and at the ACL 2012 TextGraphs-7 Workshop on Graph-based Methods for Natural Language Processing, held on July 13, 2012, also in Jeju Island.

  • Daniel Albright, Arrick Lanfranchi, Anwen Fredriksen, William F. Styler, Colin Warner, Jena D. Hwang, Dmitriy Dligach, Rodney D. Nielsen, James Martin, Wayne Ward, Martha Palmer, and Guergana K. Savova's article on "Annotating a clinical narrative corpus with syntactic and semantic annotations" has been accepted for publication in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association (JAMIA). BMJ.

The LIT Group members also had 13 conference papers published and presented during the summer and fall of 2012. The list of papers can be accessed HERE

Net-Centric Software & Systems Center News

(L-R) Dongyu Ang, Ruwan Nawarathna, Mohan Velagaleti, Mohamed Abouelenien, Dr. Bryant, Sarath Chandra, Charles Shelor, Danielle Gaither, Jared Sherman, Tommy Janjusic, Dr. Akl, Brandon Potter, Jim Buchanan, Dr. Kavi, Paul Lin, Robert Tidwell, Patrick Kamongi

The National Science Foundation Net-Centric Software and Systems Industry/University Cooperative Research Center (Net-Centric IUCRC) met on October 16-17, 2012 in Grapevine, Texas. The meeting was a great success. The Net-Centric IUCRC organizes two meetings per year. At these semi-annual meetings, faculty and students make presentations on their current research projects that are funded by the industrial members of the center. New project proposals are reviewed for funding by the Industrial Advisory Board of the center.

At present the IUCRC includes 19 industrial members and 4 universities (with UNT as the lead university). Missouri University of Science and Technology (formerly known as the University of Missouri at Rolla) has also recently joined this Spring.

In addition to normal presentations, the October meeting organized an open house with nearly 40 poster presentations by faculty and students from Arizona State University, Missouri University of Science and Technology, Southern Methodist University, UNT and UTD. Following the presentations was a reception for all in attendance; where students, faculty, and industrial members could mingle, collaborate, and discuss work in progress. As the host, UNT had the most persons in attendance with 22.

The next semi-annual meeting of the Net-Centric IUCRC will be held April, 2013 in Rome, New York at the Rome Air Force base. If you are interested in the center's research and how you can join the center, contact Dr. Krishna Kavi, the director of the center.

More pictures are in our media gallery.

Network Security Lab to develop CloudCar with MIT

CSE's Network Security Lab is the lead Principal Investigator on a new NSF $500,000 grant which will develop a CloudCar, a cloud-based infrastructure to monitor and collect data about drivers, vehicles and road conditions. The type of data to be collected included driver's biometrics (eyeball tracking, heart rate, blood pressure, and EEG brain wave analysis), sensory data from the vehicle, traffic data, and sensed data about road condition.

The collected data is analyzed in the cloud and used to enable a wide spectrum of applications, including assessing drivers' behavior and ability to drive, the "health" of the vehicle, dissemination of information about road conditions to prevent accidents and road congestion, and vehicular crash detection and notification.

This is a collaborative project between the University of North Texas and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. MIT will be a subcontract and will help design the Cloud Car hardware components for measuring parameters from the vehicle. As head of the NSL, Dr. Ram Dantu will lead this new NSF project grant.

News from Trusted Secure Systems Lab

(L-R) Satyajeet Nimgaonkar, Patrick Kamongi, Dr. Gomathisankaran, Srujan Kotikela, and Yernat Yestekov

Dr. Mahadevan Gomathisankaran's Trusted Secure Systems Lab is having a very productive and rewarding year. We have published 8 conference papers, one journal article, two posters, and submitted 6 journal articles in the last year.

Patrick Kamongi, the First Rwandan Presidential Scholar to graduate from University of Arkansas at Little Rock, has joined our Lab as a PhD student. Patrick is working on a joint project, with Prof. Krishna Kavi of Computer Systems Research Lab (CSRL), in designing a vulnerability analysis framework for Cloud Computing systems.

Srujan Kotikela has decided to pursue his Doctoral studies at UNT continuing from his Masters. Satyajeet Nimgaonkar has successfully finished his PhD Qualifiers in March 2012. Yernat Yestekov, a Fullbright Scholar, is working on 'Design and Analysis of A Novel Secure E-Voting Scheme' for his Masters' thesis.

In July 2012 Dr. Gomathisankaran received NSF funding to do research in secure sensor fusion research. Dr. Gomathisankaran is expanding UNT's security curriculum by offering new courses such as 'Applications of Cryptography'. He is mentoring two groups of under-graduate students for their senior design projects. He is also mentoring a team of undergraduate and graduate students to participate in the National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition 2013.

Dr. Ram Dantu's research featured on NSF website

The National Science Foundation has featured CSE Professor Dr. Ram Dantu's "Mobile Life Guard" on the front page of its website. Dr. Dantu and his team created this app that keeps drivers focused and safe on the roads. A year ago, Dr. Dantu was among the first group of scientists to receive a $50,000 National Science Foundation Innovation Corps (I-Corps) award which help scientists and engineers extend their focus beyond the laboratory into the commercial award. The safe driving app is a result of this work.

The app is not commercially available yet but it is currently undergoing a field trial with the insurance industry. If it is successful, safe drivers could receive safe driver discounts. Dr. Dantu says, "Insurance companies see it as an investment in lowering their costs long term."

For more information, see this NSF article.

Professor Mohanty Publishes a Book on Memory Design

Professor Saraju P. Mohanty recently published a book titled "Robust SRAM Designs and Analysis". This book provides a guide to Static Random Access Memory (SRAM) bitcell design and analysis to meet the nano-regime challenges for CMOS devices. In addition, emerging devices, such as Tunnel FETs are discussed in detail for their applicability for memory design.

Discussions are included to cover nano-regime challenges such as process variation, leakage and NBTI for SRAM design and analysis. Emphasis is placed throughout the book on the various trade-offs for achieving a best SRAM design. The book discusses in detail the most important SRAM bitcell topologies to mitigate nanoscale process variations, as process variations is an ongoing challenge in memory design.

The following are key features of the book:

  • It provides a complete introduction to SRAM bitcell design and analysis.

  • It presents techniques to face nano-regime challenges such as process variation, leakage, and NBTI for SRAM design and analysis.

  • It discusses simulation set-ups for extracting different design metrics for CMOS technology and emerging technology devices.

  • It emphasizes different trade-offs for achieving the best possible SRAM design.

CSE attends Grace Hopper Celebration for Women in Computing

Garima Bajwa, Dr. Barrett Bryant, Yiwen Wan, Dr. Renee Bryce, and Chaitra Urs. More pictures HERE
The 2012 Grace Hopper Celebration for Women in Computing was held October 2-5 in Baltimore, MD. UNT CSE had a good presence at the conference—seven members of the UNT CSE department attended – Garima Bajwa, Dr. Barrett Bryant, Dr. Renee Bryce, Iris Gomez-Lopez, Olivia Loza, Chaitra Urs, and Yiwen Wan. The event provided the opportunity for the students and faculty to attend great talks on everything from research to career development.

Olivia Loza presented her work in the PhD forum. Garima Bajwa, Chaitra Urs, and Iris Gomez-Lopez presented posters on their work. Our UNT CSE members that attended were able to share their enthusiasm for UNT CSE with others that they met at the conference and recruited several new potential graduate students that may join the department in Fall 2013!

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Student News

CSE Students defend PhD Dissertations

Congratulations to these PhD students for defending their dissertation in October 2012!

Chee Wee (Ben) Leong

Dissertation: "Modeling Synergistic Relationships between Words and Images"

Major Professor: Dr. Rada Mihalcea

Defense Date: October 4, 2012

Prakash Duraisamy

Dissertation: "2D-3D Image Registration using LiDAR and Visual Images"

Major Professor: Dr. Bill Buckles

Defense Date: October 8, 2012

Li Li

Dissertation: "Source and Channel Coding Strategies for Wireless Sensor Networks"

Major Professor: Dr. Bill Buckles (right)
Co-Major Professor: Dr. Kamesh Namuduri (left)

Defense Date: October 17, 2012

Students defend MS Theses

Congratulations to these graduate students who defended in October 2012!

Rajitha Schellenberg (left)

Thesis: "Automated Classification of Emotions in Song Lyrics"

Major Professor: Dr. Rada Mihalcea

Defense Date: October 17, 2012

Sarath Chandra Akumalla (right)

Thesis: "Evaluating appropriateness of EMG & Flex Sensors for classifying hand gestures"

Major Professor: Dr. Robert Akl

Defense Date: October 26, 2012

IBM awards scholarship to CSE Student

Our PhD student Bharath Dandala has been recently awarded a scholarship from IBM, in the amount of $10,000 to assist with his studies for 2012-2013. The IBM PhD Fellowship Awards Program is an intensely competitive worldwide program, which honors exceptional PhD students who have an interest in solving problems that are important to IBM and fundamental to innovation in many academic disciplines and areas of study.

Congratulations to Bharath on receiving this prestigious scholarship!

Danielle Gaither travels to Portugal for conference

Danielle in the courtyard at Belém Tower.

By Danielle Gaither, CSE PhD student

On the morning of September 9th, I arrived in Lisbon, Portugal for the purpose of attending the 3rd International Summer School on Domain Specific Modeling from September 10th-14th. Domain-specific modeling (DSM) is one approach to model-driven development (MDD). One goal of MDD is to have software models more tightly integrated into the code writing process than is currently the case in most instances. Many researchers believe that DSM is a better way to achieve this goal than using general purpose modeling languages such as UML (Unified Modeling Language).

Lisbon's excellent subway system took me from the airport almost all the way to my hostel door. In fact, nearly all my travel in Lisbon was by subway. I also visited Lisbon's Oceanarium, which contains marine life from all the world's oceans.

The summer school brought speakers from both academia and industry to talk about their work with various aspects of DSM. Topics included domain analysis, metamodeling, model transformations, model checking, model compositions, and methods for evaluating modeling solutions. We also had ample opportunities to work with some of the tools that the speakers discussed.

After the summer school ended, I traveled to Belém, which contains significant historical attractions. Belém Tower was built in the 16th century as part of a defense system for Lisbon and provides great views of the Tagus River, which runs through Lisbon. The nearby Hieronymite Monastery was also built in this time period and is a magnificent piece of architecture. One surprising attraction was the Berardo Museum, which contains art by many well-known modern and contemporary artists.

The summer school provided me with a lot of good information on DSM, as well as the opportunity to experience a wonderful city. I look forward to incorporating what I learned into my research.

College of Engineering News

UNT Homecoming celebrated by College

Wes Fox, BS 1992, chats with CSE Chair Dr. Barrett Bryant and
CENG Dean Costas Tsatsoulis in the College of Engineering Homecoming tent.
More than fifty guests visited the College of Engineering tent at Victory Plaza, the new tailgating arena adjacent to Apogee Stadium, prior to the UNT Homecoming football game on Saturday, November 3, 2012.

At the tailgating tent, CSE Chair, Barrett Bryant, met Computer Science and Engineering alums from the classes of 1980 through 2012. Students Amelia Chase and Vernon Watson presented their current efforts of Association of Computing Machinery and ACM-Women with guidance from new CSE faculty member, Dr. Renee Bryce. Football fare buffet was available for alumni, friends and family members.

Following the tailgating event, alumni and friends attended the second Homecoming football game in the new stadium. Our Mean Green football team lost to Arkansas State by a score of 37-19.

Engineering Technology Department is 20 years old

The Department of Engineering Technology celebrated its 20th anniversary with a reception and alumni recognition at Discovery Park on September 20, 2012. ETEC Chair Enrique Barbiere, pictured on the right, welcomed alumni and guests and shared the vision for the future of ETEC. Alumni and guests were given the opportunity to see the latest technology being taught to today's students by visiting the ETEC labs and talking to faculty and students.

Read more about the ETEC celebration in this UNT INhouse article.

University of North Texas News

Top UNT researchers honored

(L-R) Geoff Gamble, Vice President for Research and Economic Development, Jincheng Du, Nandika D'Souza, Rebecca Dickstein, Melinda Levin, and John Ruiz.

Five UNT faculty members have been honored for their leading contributions to research, scholarship, and creative activities. Two of the five faculty members were from the College of Engineering. Nandika d'Souza, Professor of Mechanical and Energy Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering, received the UNT Research Leadership Award. Jincheng Du, Associate Professor of Materials Science, received the UNT Early Career Award for Research and Creativity.

Rebecca Dickstein, Professor of Biological Sciences, received the UNT Teacher Scholar Award. Melinda Levin, Associate Professor of Radio, Television and Film, received the UNT Creative Impact Award. John Ruiz, Assistant Professor of Psychology, received the UNT Competitive Funding Award. In addition to being honored at a reception, the award winners received prizes ranging from $3,000 to $5,000.

Read more about these faculty members in this UNT press release.

UNT will become smoke-free campus January 1

UNT President V. Lane Rawlins has notified the UNT community that the University of North Texas will become a smoke-free campus on January 1, 2013. He said, "With this move, UNT will join more than 700 universities or colleges in America that already have taken the step to go smoke free or tobacco free. Earlier this year, the university conducted a statistically valid survey of students and employees, which indicated that a large majority favored a smoke-free environment." Read Dr. Rawlins' letter to the UNT community HERE.

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