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February 2005  

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Greetings from the CSE Chairman

Dear Alumni and Friends,

As Chairman of the Computer Science and Engineering Department, I invite you to join us in celebrating National Engineers Week during the last week of February. The College of Engineering and our department have put together many activities for our current students, faculty, and alumni to enjoy.

You are invited to attend all the events during that week, but I especially want to invite you to join us for our luncheon on Thursday, February 24, 2005 at 12:00 p.m. in the Atrium of our Research Park building, located at 3940 North Elm Street, in Denton. The College of Engineering is providing this free lunch to celebrate EWeek.

If you are thinking about continuing your education, I invite you to attend our Graduate Studies Open House. In addition to an M.S. and Ph.D. in Computer Science, we now offer an M.S. in Computer Engineering. You can read more about our Open House further down in this newsletter.

When you visit the UNT Research Park, I invite you to visit us in the Computer Science and Engineering office in F201. We will be happy to give you a tour of our new facility and answer your questions about our department.

I hope you will continue to actively support our CSE Department and UNT.


Krishna M. Kavi

Department of Computer Science and Engineering News

CSE Department Celebrates National Engineers Week February 21-25, 2005

The UNT Computer Science and Engineering Department will celebrate National Engineers Week as part of its second year in the College of Engineering. The celebration will kick off with a keynote address by Dr. Raymond A. Paul on Tuesday, February 22, 2005. Scroll down for more information about Dr. Paul.

On Thursday, February 24, 2005, the CSE Department has invited Professor Harvey Cragon to speak about his research on code breakers during World War II. Following his speech, the College of Engineering will serve a free lunch for current students, faculty, and alumni in the Atrium of the Research Park.

The CSE Department is sponsoring several activities during National Engineering Week. For more information about these and other activities planned for EWeek, please scroll down.

Dr. Raymond A. Paul, U.S. Department of Defense, to Give Keynote Address

Dr. Raymond A. Paul will deliver the keynote speech for National Engineers Week at the College of Engineering on Tuesday, February 22, 2005 at 11:00 a.m. in the auditorium, B155, at the UNT Research Park, 3940 North Elm Street.

Dr. Paul's speech is entitled "Will You Do What I Need? - From Interconnectivity to Interoperability." While new technologies have been developed to address this question, an overall framework is lacking. His talk will address the key ideas and issues in developing an interoperability framework.

Currently, Dr. Paul serves as the technical director for command and control (C2) policy in the office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense Network Integration and Interoperability. In this position, Dr. Paul supervises command and control systems engineering development and architecture engineering capabilities for measurements concerning the status of software/systems engineering resources and evaluates project outcomes to support major investment decisions.

Dr. Paul holds a doctorate in software engineering and is an active Fellow member of the IEEE Computer Society. He has published more than 89 articles on software engineering in various technical books, journals and symposia proceedings, primarily under Department of Defense and IEEE sponsorship.

Professor Harvey Cragon to Speak About Code Breaking in World War II

Professor Harvey Cragon will discuss his latest book, From Fish to Colossus: How the German Lorenz Cipher was Broken at Bletchley Park, at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday, February 24, 2005, in the auditorium, B155, at the UNT Research Park.

Harvey Cragon is Professor Emeritus at UT Austin and Adjunct Professor at UT Dallas. Prior to his academic career, he was with Texas Instruments for 25 years in Dallas and Austin. For over 35 years his research interests have been in high-speed computers and computer architecture design methodology.

Professor Cragon received his BSEE from Louisiana Polytechnic Institute in 1950. He was presented the IEEE Emanuel R. Piore Award in 1984 and the ACM/IEEE Eckert-Mauchly Award in 1986. He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering, a Life Fellow of the IEEE, and a Fellow of the ACM.

Graduate Studies Open House on February 23, 2005

Have you been thinking about continuing your education by going back to graduate school? The Graduate Program of the Computer Science and Engineering Department will host a Graduate Studies Open House on Wednesday, February 23, 2005 at 12:00 in Room F223 at the UNT Research Park.

The CSE Department offers M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science. Beginning in Fall 2004, the CSE Department began offering a new M.S. degree in Computer Engineering. Take advantage of this opportunity to find out more about getting your graduate degree in Computer Science and Engineering at UNT.

If you cannot attend, but would like more information about our graduate degree programs, please check our website HERE. If you have further questions, please contact Dr. Robert Brazile, Graduate Advisor, at

CSE Students Learn from "Professor for a Day"

As part of the Engineering Week activities in the Computer Science and Engineering Department, a variety of individuals from the local area have been invited to serve as "Professor for a Day" in both Graduate and Undergraduate courses throughout the week.

The program provides students in these courses to get a glimpse of the many and varied ways that the topics and techniques they are studying are being applied in the "real world". The "Professors" will discuss topics related to those of the course they are attending, as well as sharing their own educational and professional experiences. Each participant will coordinate with the regular course Professor in preparing and presenting their course materials.

Students will also have an opportunity to ask questions and engage in open discussion with the visitors to their classes. Each volunteer Professor for a Day will receive a certificate commemorating their service to the CSE Department and the College of Engineering.

For further information, and a current schedule of the presentations throughout the week, please visit HERE. The schedule will be updated weekly until the start of Engineering Week on February 21, 2005.

Career Fair Scheduled for February 25, 2005

The UNT College of Engineering will sponsor a Career Fair from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Friday, February 25, 2005 as part of the UNT Engineers Week program. The Career Fair will be held at the UNT Research Park, 3940 North Elm Street, in Denton.

The Career Fair will introduce prospective employers to UNT engineering students with the purpose of helping students obtain internships or permanent employment. Prospective employers will have the opportunity to interview many UNT students and the students will be able to meet many prospective employers.

The UNT College of Engineering seeks industry support for this event. If you would like to participate, please contact Ms. Leticia Anaya, Lecturer, at (940) 565-2366 or email her at

Shadow Day Introduces Students to Engineering Careers

Shadow Day, organized by the UNT College of Engineering, introduces engineering students to the working life of an engineer by allowing students to follow around or "shadow" an engineer for a day or a few hours.

Students will benefit from being exposed to the field of engineering from an industrial point of view, instead of an academic view. The engineer will benefit by meeting the students that attend the UNT College of Engineering and serving as a mentor to students interested in the field of engineering.

Shadow Days can be scheduled between Monday, February 21, and Friday, March 4, 2005. If you would like to participate in Shadow Day, please contact Ms. Leticia Anaya, Lecturer, at (940) 565-2366 or email her at

CSE Faculty News

Dr. Ian Parberry Receives Three Awards

Dr. Ian Parberry was recognized as an Honor Professor, one of the highest honors given to UNT faculty members by students, for his teaching excellence, good rapport with students, and scholarly publications. Dr. Kavi presented Dr. Parberry with this Student Government Association award at the January 2005 faculty meeting.

In December, Dr. Parberry was honored at a reception by the UNT Division of Equity and Diversity for planning, supporting, and contributing to programs that promote diversity awareness in the Denton and surrounding communities.

Microsoft recently recognized Dr. Parberry with a Most Valuable Professional award for his extraordinary efforts in guiding his peers in Windows - DirectX technical communities. Dr. Parberry was saluted by Microsoft for promoting the spirit of community by helping other people realize their potential through technology.

On January 28, 2005, the NT Daily featured Dr. Parberry in an article entitled: "'Geek' brings gaming to NT." To read that story about Dr. Parberry and his classes on video game programming, please click HERE.

CERL Established by Dr. Armin R. Mikler

In 2004, Dr. Armin R. Mikler established the Computational Epidemiology Research Laboratory (CERL) at UNT to conduct and promote research in computational epidemiology, the study of the transmission and control of disease.

The field of Computational Epidemiology has emerged only recently as a response to the threat of bioterrorism. Its primary goal is to utilize computational methodologies in the development of tools that facilitate the tasks of epidemiologists.

Dr. Mikler is the Director of CERL and an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at UNT. To learn more about CERL, go to Dr. Mikler's CSE website is at

Alumni News

Elizabeth Oriola Otenaike (B.S. 1984) Since graduation, Liz has worked in the Aerospace Industry with McDonnell Douglas, Lockheed Martin, and Hughes Aircraft. For the past 10 years, she has been managing software development projects and is currently a Software Product/Project Manager with Lockheed Martin.

Liz has earned two Masters Degrees, one in Psychology and another in Education from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth. She is working on her doctorate degree in Psychology at Argosy University in Dallas.

We want to hear from you! What have you been doing since graduating from UNT? Please send a few paragraphs and a picture to Genene Murphy,

CSE Student News

ACM to Sponsor Two Contests for Students

The ACM Student Chapter will sponsor two contests for students during National Engineers Week. On Thursday, February 24, from 1:45 to 2:15 p.m., students are invited to bring their Best Box with lights, liquid cooling, action to the small conference room on the left just past the main office of the College of Engineering. Students are invited to show off their rig and win some great prizes and, more importantly, tech-savvy respect.

Following the Best Box Contest, students can "frag one, frag all" in a Gaming Contest to be held from 2:30 to 3:45 p.m. on Thursday, February 24, in the LARC, F206. In this tournament featuring Counter Strike, students can compete with their peers for a chance to win some cool prizes.

EWeek Events Sponsored by IEEE Computer Society

The IEEE Computer Society will sponsor three contests during National Engineers Week. Students are invited to compose a poem in any programming language for the Programming Poetry Contest. Statements must be syntactically correct. Bonus points will be awarded if it executes. All entries are due by 12:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 22, in F201J, located in the main office of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

Remember "Name that Tune?" IEEE will sponsor a Name that Program Contest. Students must solve the problems provided in the shortest number of lines of code to win. All entries are due by 12:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 22, in F201J.

A Thinking Outside the Box Contest will be held on Wednesday, February 23rd. Students are invited to take the Brain Twisters Quiz in the CS Help Lab, F205. Two times are available: either from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. or 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

All winners will be announced at the luncheon on Thursday, February 24, and prizes will be awarded.

College of Engineering News

Dean Oscar Garcia named to IEEE Board

Dr. Oscar N. Garcia, the founding dean of the UNT College of Engineering, has been elected to the board of directors of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. Dr. Garcia came to the University of North Texas in August 2003 as the first dean of the College of Engineering.

Dr. Garcia will be an IEEE division director. This division will be assigned to the IEEE Computer Society, the largest unit within the institute. He is a Life Fellow in the IEEE and former president of the IEEE Computer Society. To read more about Dr. Garcia's election to the IEEE Board, click HERE.

Electrical Engineering Program Begins at UNT

First Electrical Engineering class at UNT
Back row: Justin Bryant, Damiri Young, Leslie Murphy, David Jackson, Edwin Wambwa, Donald Harrison
Front row: Megan Myles, Elizabeth Keswani, Mahboubeh Hamikzadeh, Tara Conroy

In Spring 2005, the College of Engineering at UNT started a new Electrical Engineering department. UNT recently received approval from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) to offer a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering in Spring 2005, and an M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering in Fall 2007.

The department's faculty includes Dr. Hai Deng, Dr. Oscar Garcia, Dr. Parthsarathy Guturu, Dr. Xinrong Li, and Chairman, Dr. Murali Varanasi. The department is housed in brand new quarters on the second floor of the College of Engineering at UNT Research Park.

The department is very excited to offer an innovative program in Electrical Engineering. Key features of the program include:

  • Partnerships between industry and the university.
  • Focus on active learning and "learning to learn."
  • Emphasis on teams and laboratory activities applied to real-world problems throughout the program and the introduction of business practices and concepts at the undergraduate levels.

The department has accepted ten students into its charter class in the picture shown above. For more information about the program, please contact: Dr. Murali Varanasi, Chair, Electrical Engineering department, University of North Texas, P.O. Box 310470, Denton TX 76203-0470, or contact the Engineering Advising Office at 940-565-4201.

University of North Texas News

UNT Event Calendar

UNT System Seeks Approval for a Public Law School

Lee F. Jackson, the Chancellor of the University of North Texas, has announced that the UNT system will seek approval to establish a new public law school in downtown Dallas. If approved by the Texas Legislature and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, it would be the only public law school in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. A possible location is the Old Municipal Building at 106 South Harwood Street in Dallas. More information about this proposal is available HERE.

Saxophonist Phil Woods to Perform with
the One O'Clock Lab Band on February 24

Jazz saxophonist Phil Woods will be the Glenn E. Gomez International Jazz Artist for 2005. He will be in residence in the Jazz Studies division from February 21-24, 2005, and will perform with the jazz faculty and the One O'Clock Lab Band on Thursday, February 24, 2005. To purchase tickets online for this and other College of Music events, click HERE.

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