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Outstanding CSE Students for 2007-2008

Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Computer Science -
Hector Guillermo Cuellar Rios

Hector Guillermo Cuellar Rios

Hector Guillermo Cuellar Rios is a senior with a double major in Math and Computer Science. He came from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. He is very grateful to his elementary school teacher, Valentin Nio, who provided him with the necessary financial means to allow him to study at UNT.

He has been working with Dr. Yan Huang on the topics of designing and implementation geo-sensor streaming database and spatial data integration since Fall 2006, as teaching assistant in Fall 2007 and research assistant currently. His credentials and research experience helped him to obtain a research internship at the Storage Group of IBM Almaden Research Center in summer 2007. His work there resulted in a presentation in an internal IBM conference and at the interns' showcase. Hector also presented the results at the ADMI 2008 conference with the title "Scalable Information Lifecycle Management." This summer Hector will return to the IBM Almaden Research Center.

Hector is part of the Knapsackers@UNT programming team that recently represented the South Central Region of the U.S. at the 2008 ACM-ICPC World Finals in Banff, Canada. In 2007, he received the Verizon undergraduate scholarship. He has been a Math Tutor at the Math Lab since Spring 2005.

When Hector is not busy with programming or school work, he is reading, at church, visiting his family and friends in Mexico, but most likely spending time with his fiancée.

Outstanding Undergraduate Student in Computer
Engineering - Paul Sroufe

Paul Sroufe

Paul Sroufe will be receiving his B.S. in Computer Engineering with a minor in Mathematics. He specializes in computer networks where his passion is information security. When not playing games, Paul spends a lot of his free time doing self projects using Unix/Linux. Recently, he went down to Corpus Christi to the Cyber Defense Competition where his team placed 5th. This experience was a definite highlight during college and he recommends it to everyone.

Paul has been working with Dr. Ram Dantu for over a year on various research projects and papers. Paul, along with Dr. Dantu and Henning Schulzrinne, published "Experiences in Building a Multi-University Testbed for Research in Multimedia Communications" at the Next Generation Software workshop at the IEEE International Parallel & Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS). Dr. Dantu presented the paper at the conference on April 13, 2008.

Dr. Dantu has been hugely influential and has helped Paul a great deal over the past year. For that, Paul would like to say, "Thanks Dr Dantu!" The paper goes into detail about the research and development experiences of Paul and his lab mates. Some of the areas included in the paper are VoIP bots, quality of service and security mechanisms, social technical issues of video phones, voice spamming, and the video development platform. When Paul first wrote the paper as a report and realized he had much more to say, Dr. Dantu and Paul agreed that they should have it published.

After graduation in May, Paul will be continuing here at UNT doing a M.S. in Computer Science. During this time, he will be working on the Video Development Platform (shown in the picture). He has already worked on this project for the past six months. Over the next few years, Paul plans to develop many new innovative applications on the Video Development Platform with his research team.

Outstanding Master's Student in Computer Science -
Husain Husna

Husain Husna

Husain Husna comes from the Indian city that never sleeps, Mumbai. He completed the Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) in Computer Science course, from Mumbai University, graduating in May 2006, with Honors [GPA (4.0)]. He got accepted at UNT with a Graduate School scholarship for his excellent performance at Mumbai University. During his stay at UNT, he worked as a Research Assistant with Dr. Ram Dantu in the Network Security Laboratory (NSL).

Husain published research papers in prestigious conferences and journals. Some of his published research papers are, "Eigen-Behavior Of Spammers" (Accepted IEEE COMSWARE 2008), "Traffic Shaping of Spam Botnets" (Accepted: IEEE CCNC 2008), "A Blueprint for Implementing Security in Radiology Network" (Accepted: Network Security Journal 2007), "Quantifying Presence using Calling Patterns" (Accepted IEEE COMSWARE 2008), "Behavioral Entropy of a cellular phone user" (Accepted Social Computing, Behavioral, Modeling and Prediction 2008). He reviewed papers on topics like Closed-Circuit Unobservable Voice over IP and Mobile Agent for Wireless Network Security.

He was also a Workshop Assistant for the "Workshop on Algorithms, Combinatorics and Geometry", in November 2007, held at UNT. Husain successfully defended his thesis titled "Models to Combat Email Spam Botnets and Unwanted Phone calls" in February 2008 and graduated from the Computer Science Department with a GPA of 4.0. Currently, he is working as an Oracle Configurator Developer with 92 Technologies. Husain loves playing cricket, watching movies and hanging out with buddies.

Outstanding Master's Student in Computer Engineering -
Srivamsi Tarigopula

Srivamsi Tarigopula

Srivamsi Tarigopula graduated with her Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Telecommunications in India in 2004, worked for GE in technical support for about two years, and came here to UNT for her Master's degree. She was most interested in embedded system design and started her research work in the VLSI design and CAD Laboratory (VDCL). She successfully defended her thesis in December 2007, and will graduate in Spring 2008.

Her stay through UNT was quite eventful. She loves research work, but also enjoys being involved in extracurricular and co-curricular activities. She was chosen as a CSEagles ambassador in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, She actively participated in the ISA at UNT as the creative coordinator and hosted cultural shows with an audience of over 500 people.

During her work at GE, she was awarded two bronze awards and a superior performance award and was given the best voice of the customers, every week continuously for about 4 months. Her interests are research, craftwork, and Indian classical dance.

Outstanding Ph.D. Student in Computer Science -
Prakash Reddy Kolan

Prakash Reddy Kolan

Prakash Kolan graduated with a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science in Fall 2007. While he was a graduate student, he worked as a Research Assistant under Dr. Ram Dantu in the Network Security Laboratory. In July 2007, Prakash successfully defended his dissertation titled "Socio-Technical Defense against Voice Spamming". His Ph.D. work resulted in solutions for identifying unwanted calls on a Voice over IP network. His techniques are based on adaptive learning of end user's behavior in making and receiving calls.

In addition to researching unwanted call filtering techniques, Prakash was involved in network risk management and medical security research. One of his eleven published articles, "Risk Management using Behavior based Bayesian Networks," was nominated for the best student paper award at the prestigious IEEE International Conference on Intelligence and Security Informatics (ISI). The journal article he co-authored with Dr. Dantu, Herman Oosterwijk, and Husain Husna, "Securing Medical Networks," was ranked in the top 7 among the top 25 hottest articles by ScienceDirect.

Continuing his IP Communications research at UNT, Prakash Kolan is now employed at Niksun, a Forensics and Compliance company, as a Researcher in the VoIP and Media Solutions group. He is currently involved in the design and development of voice and video applications.