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2010 Spring - CSCE 4915 Computer Engineering Design II Projects

Two teams delivered their final presentations on May 12, 2010.

The Bus Boys

Have you ever waited a long time for a bus wondering when it will arrive? The Bus Boys have a solution. Through the use of GPS tracking information, predictive algorithms, and a simple, cell phone text messaging system, the arrival time of the next bus on your route at your stop is determined and returns to you on your cell phone.

Kirby Derusha, Stojan Bacev, David Swingle, Juan Franco, Brandon Gozick, Omar Al Abdulwahed

UAV Fellowship CE Members

The need for theater of operations data is well known. The UAV Fellowship has a proposed solution. The use of a small, portable, RC airplane with multiple cameras, GPS, altitude and other sensors, and auto-pilot to scout the locale and transmit the video to a portable computer is an opportune solution.

Warnie Meisetschleager, Joel Thomas, Randy Burrow, Aaron Jones, Barrett Lewis

Photos taken by Genene Murphy.