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2011 CSE Students at Design Day

The UNT College of Engineering Students held the first Design Day on April 29, 2011. Five teams of computer engineering students and two teams of information technology students presented their research projects. In the morning, they participated in a poster presentation and later, they presented their team projects before an audience of faculty, peers, and invited members of industry. Students from other College of Engineering programs also presented at Design Day 2011.

Dr. Kuruvilla John, Associate Dean of research and graduate studies, welcomes everyone to the first Design Day hosted by the UNT College of Engineering.

Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering Senior Design Research Projects
CSCE 4915: Computer Engineering Design II,
Instructor: Richard Goodrum

Autonomous Robot Localization using WiFi Fingerprinting

"Talking Transformers" is a robot system that is able to use wireless access point signal strength measurements to determine position within a building. Student presenters are Terrence Bunkley and Alex Wright.

Rewbics Qewb

"Rewbiks Qweb" is about motorcycle safety system that includes obstacle proximity detection and helmet pressure sensors. Student presenters are Mzee Dillon, Mahsa Kia, Rex Lam, and Malcolm Woods.

Energy Monitoring System

"Soaring Eagles" is a project about a home electricity usage monitoring system with web-based analysis tools. Student presenters are Chris Kane, Eloy Tavera, Mike Vondrasek, and Shannon Wilson.

Autonomous Vision Based Planetary Surface Explorer

"Crater Jumpers" is an Artificial Intelligence-based, robotic, planetary probe that is able to determine if it can safely enter or must circumnavigate a meteor crater. Student presenters are LaTonya Davis, Mario Kendrick, Jeremy Knott, and Michael Mischo.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle - Quadcopter

"Manhattan Project" is a quad-copter based UAV with live video feeds to a base station. Student presenters are Andrew Arbini, Matt Ponce, and Chase Przilas.

Information Technology

Information Technology Senior Design Research Projects
CSCE 4925: Capstone II, Instructor: David Keathly

UNT CSE Advising Portal

"CSE Advising Portal Project" is a project that UNT CSCE Advising contracted with Perfect Vision to resolve current issues regarding access to information concerning degree audits, locations and lab room information, along with other associated academic information and consolidates this information into an online advising portal. Student presenters are Stephen Collins, Jesse Figueroa, Devin Joll, Michael McDonald, and Miguel Torrez.

SETE Data Management System

"SETE Data Management" is a project that will collect student feedback from the UNT Student Evaluation of Teaching Effectiveness survey and organize them in an orderly and easy-to-read fashion. Student presenters are Ishan Dosani, Beatriz Gomez, Nishivini Rae Rattey, Jacob Rhoads, and Chris Worley.