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2012 CSE Students present at Design Day

The UNT College of Engineering hosted Design Day on April 27, 2012. Four teams of Computer Engineering students and ten teams of Information Technology students presented their design projects. In the morning, they participated in a poster presentation and later, they presented their team projects. Students from other College of Engineering programs also presented at Design Day 2012.

Dr. Costas Tsatsoulis, Dean of the UNT College of Engineering,
welcomes everyone to Design Day.

Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering Senior Design Research Projects
CSCE 4915: Computer Engineering Design II,
Instructor: David Keathly

The "Van Buren Boys" designed a parking lot system project that automatically identifies and reports parking space availability using a computer vision system on the lot and a mobile app for the customers. Student presenters are Charles Goodrum, Michael Holloway, Adrian Salazar, Michael Koch, Alex Humphries, and Ajay Joshi.

"Swarm-Copter" Team completed a Cooperative Quad Copter Project that allows two or more quad-copters to develop cooperative capability to coordinate mission activities and communicate with a ground base station. Team members are Andy Hagar, Patrick Ungu, Mark Moudy, Tikitai James, Rasheed Wright, and Joseph Williams.

The "Vroom" team presented an automated golf cart that has been modified to provide "driver-less" taxi service within the Discovery Park facility for visitors. Student presenters are Juan Meza, Ricky Patel, William Kesterson, John Wing, and Nathanael Mathis.

"Big Brown" team developed a UPS scanner for the UPS facility that will reduce the number of misloaded packages at the distribution site. Team members include Craig Carlson, Drew Allen, Farica Mascarenhas, Brian Curtis, and Curt Smith.
Vijay Vaidyanathan, Associate Dean for UG Studies of the College of Engineering, is in the middle of the "Big Brown" group.
Philip Heath, CSE Advisory Council member, views Big Brown's poster.

Information Technology Senior Design Projects

CSCE 4925: Capstone II
Instructor: David Keathly

"Mean Green IT Machine" presented a CSE Library System that developed a library management system for the CSE departmental textbook library. Student presenters were Ian Walton and Cjivona Hicks.

The "RoboTechTX" Team automated graduate student records by creating an online repository of graduate records information such as degree audits that is accessible by students and faculty. This will help automate the checklist for progress towards graduation. Student presenters are Martinique Jackson, C.J. Edwards, Javier Avelar, Rashad Robinson, Drew Turner, and Tom Boyd.

The "Apptastic! Labs" Team worked on DCTA Transit Tracking by developing a pair of mobile apps that will track the current location of trains and buses in the DCTA network and provide riders with real-time updates as to arrivals and departures from a particular stop. Team members include Brett McCormick, Kyle Taylor, Katherine Villafuerte, Eric Vannucchi, and Eric Boyd.

The "Prestige Worldwide" Team has developed Forward Tutoring, a tutoring and volunteerism website that was designed by TAMS students and was the Winner of the UNT Innovation Challenge and Murphy Center Entrepreneurship awards for 2011. Student team members are Lee Crane, Michael Nelson, Amelia Chase, and Miles Collins.

The "Umbrella Tech II" Team redesigned and improved the online registration for the UNT Robocamp program. Student presenters are Christopher Beene, Eduardo Diosdado, Michael Hebron, Deidre DeNeal, and Huy Ngo.

Information Technology Design Projects

CSCE 1045: Information Systems II
Instructor: David Keathly

"PEBKAC" is a physician website that developed an informational, scheduling and retail sales website for a local professional speaker and chiropractor. Team members are Thomas Charuvila, Jose Lazalde, Ruben Rico, Alfredo Villagomez, Marcos Zepeda, and Curtis Myers.

The "IT Crowd" developed Blackbeard's Treasure chest, a retail sales site for a company that sells pirate and renaissance apparel and accessories. Student team members are Jared Hislop, Ryan Crouch, Matt Moses, and Gerardo Picazo.

The "Go Team Venture" developed a Senior Design Parts Inventory system for the Computer Science and Engineering labs. Student presenters are Blake Carson Deberry, Pa Sanna Ceesay, Scott Powers, Christian Lopez, Chris Brown, and Elizabeth Bennett

The "Redeye Consulting" Team worked on the CTC Success Stories Web Project, a multimedia web component for the Convergence Technology Center at Collin College that will permit them to post and share success story videos and testimonials. Team members include Anousone Bouasanouvong, Henri Hernandez, and Jonathan Mesa

The "GET-IT" Team developed the Clear View Auto Glass web project, a commercial and informational site for an auto glass repair company. Student presenters are J.R. Freeman, Wesley Nyamangwanda, Zachary Banes, and Tim Page.

Photos taken by Genene Murphy.