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CSE Department 40th Anniversary Celebration Event

Alumni, Faculty and Staff of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering celebrated the 40th anniversary of the CSE Department at a banquet on October 26, 2012 at the new UNT Apogee Stadium. CSE Chair Dr. Barrett Bryant welcomed guests and then introduced Dr. Warren Burggren, UNT Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. Dr. Burggren spoke about the importance of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering for the University of North Texas. Following Dr. Burggren’s speech, the Dean of the College of Engineering, Dr. Costas Tsatsoulis, added his congratulations to the Department of Computer Science.

Nelson Cicchitto, BS 1989, spoke about his experience in the Department of Computer Science and how that helped him to found his own company, Avatier Corp. Nelson’s gift to the CSE Department helped make this anniversary celebration possible. He said it was important to give back to the Department after all he had received through his UNT education.

It was a very special evening enjoyed by all who attended. Before the celebration, alumni were invited to tour the CSE Department and its research labs. The media gallery page of the alumni tour is located HERE.

The celebration was held at Apogee Stadium
Jason and Terry Christian
Peggi and Phil Sweany
Doug Hall and Nelson Cicchitto
Elisa and Don Retzlaff
Tom and Jackie Irby
Ming Wei and Ruozhao Xu
Mary Beth and Wes Fox
Baoshan Han and Weizhen Li
Tom Irby, Elisa and Don Retzlaff, Mike Flanery, Jeff Carruth
Chris Pearce, Clay Luther, Kathy Foster
Shannon and Jeremy Martin
Tom Jacob and Mohamed Sakr
Jia and Xiaohui Yuan
Bill and Kwang Ja Buckles
Armin Mikler, Tom Jacob, Tom Irby
Provost Warren Burggren, Associate CENG Dean Vijay Vaidyanathan, Associate CENG Dean Kuruvilla John
CSE Chair Barrett Bryant and his wife Oceana
Krishna and Theresa Kavi, Sally Pettyjohn
Doug Hall and Nelson Cicchitto
Maggie Parberry, Virginia Holt, and Ian Parberry
David Keathly, Sabrena Vick, Elisa Retzlaff
Danico Lee, CENG Dean Costas Tsatsoulis, Shannon and Eric Havens
Armin and Suzi Mikler and son Calvin
Randy and Heather Burrow
Don Retzlaff, Steve Crozier, Elisa Retzlaff, Tom Irby, Jeff Carruth, Jim Poirot, Mike Flanery, Doug Hall, Nelson Cicchitto
Baoshan Han, Weizhen Li, Ming Wei, Yi Zhang, and Ruozhao Xu
Greg and Jenny Thurman
Shannon and Eric Havens
Don Retzlaff and Peggy Poirot
Angela and Kelly Gibson
Calvin Mikler and Marty O’Neill
Jeff Carruth and Mike Flanery
Mahbuba and Arshad Khan
Tom Jacob and his wife, Laurie Lafave
Keith and Michelle Biggs,
Elisa Retzlaff
Steve Crozier and Cindi Fitzgerald
Sabrena Vick and David Keathly
Cheryl-Annette and Brandon Parker
Xiaohui Yuan and Dian Fan
Ming Wei, Yi Zhang, Jun Fang, Ruozhao Xu, Bin Li, Jia Yuan, Dr. Xiaohui Yuan, Dian Fan, Baoshan Han and Weizhen Li
Prakash Kolan, Kiran Venkatadusumelli, Dr. Ram Dantu, Mahesh Venkatadusumelli
Costas Tsatsoulis, Dean College of Engineering
Warren Burggren, UNT Provost
Nelson A. Cicchitto, Chairman & CEO, Avatier Corporation

Photos taken by Angela Nelson, Genene Murphy, and Don Retzlaff.