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CSE hosts NACLO (North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad) in January 2013

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering hosted the first round of open competition of NACLO (North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad) on Thursday, January 31, 2013. More than 40 high school students from the DFW Metroplex took part in this competition.

NACLO is an educational competition in Computational Linguistics, the science of designing computer algorithms to solve linguistic problems. It challenges students to develop strategies for tackling problems in fascinating real languages and formal symbolic systems.

Rada Mihalcea, Associate Professor, and Genene Murphy, CSE Staff, supervised this event, along with the following graduate students: Shibamouli Lahiri, Veronica Perez-Rosas and Ravi Sinha.

Teacher Ian Connally brought his NACLO Club members from R.L. Paschal High School in Fort Worth to the competition.

Photos taken by Genene Murphy.