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2013 CSE Students present at Design Day

The UNT College of Engineering hosted Design Day on April 26, 2013. Four teams of Computer Engineering students and five teams of Information Technology students presented their design projects. In the morning, they participated in a poster presentation by all departments in the College of Engineering in the hallway of Discovery Park. This was attended by members of industry, Advisory Council members, faculty and students. In the afternoon, student teams presented their design projects.

Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering Senior Design Projects
CSCE 4915: Computer Engineering Design II
Instructor: David Keathly

The "Cunning Technologies" team developed the TruID system, which is intended to assist users with authentication to internet services. This system seeks to provide the authentication service in a way that removes the user from the process of normal password creation and maintenance by doing these things for them. It is intended that this will be a much more secure way to access internet services. The device will also have multiple levels of security including fingerprint authentication and a pin, making the users’ credentials as secure as possible. Student presenters are (L to R) Dan Derusha, Rajee Jones, Talha Ali, Robert Tidwell, and Jared Jabillo.
Dr. Bill Buckles, on the right, finds out about this project.
Dr. Ram Dantu tries out the system with Dr. Barrett Bryant looking over his right shoulder.

"Team Red" is to design or extend a prototype home entertainment system that can encode and store television broadcasts on-the-fly for future playback on devices such as a television, home PC, or smart-phone as well as play files from a PC or smart-phone on a TV. Team members are Ryan Aldridge, Kayleigh Bush, Kyle Miller, and Tommy Nguyen.
The students explain their project to Dr. Bryant.
Philip Heath, CSE Advisory member, on the right, talks to the students.

"Team Sharp" will present the automatic drive system, which is a self-driven and self-operated vehicle that can carry visitors to their destination without any hassle in a short amount of time. It will be designed with the embedded computer, which obeys the visitor’s instruction. It will be designed so simple that it can be operated without any hassle and extreme safety. Hopefully the vehicle will save time in finding the places and departments inside the building of Discovery Park. Students on "Team Sharp" are Raul Ascencio, Charles Jovanovich, Sushil Neupane, and Elizabeth Payson.
Dr. Buckles, on the left. finds out about the Automatic Drive System.
Students explain their project to Dr. Bryant, on the right.

"The Outliers" project is Emotiv Head Tracking and Brainwave monitoring system. Mimir is a combination of technologies. The first part is a brain-computer interface (BCI) produced by Emotiv. This BCI uses electroencephalography (EEG) to read brain waves. The software reads these brain wave patterns and allows developers to map them to functions. The second piece of hardware included in Mimir is the head tracker. This device tracks the direction the user is looking in. "The Outliers" are James Buchanan, Benedict Chukwuma, Jesse Hendricks, Christie Johnson, Robert Linehart, and Eric Schlueter.
Dr. Buckles reads about Project MIMIR.
Dr. Bryant, on the left, talks to students about their project.

Information Technology Senior Design Projects
CSCE 4925: Capstone II
Instructor: David Keathly

"CumulusFour" has developed CloudOne Portal. CloudOne needs a modular intranet portal that will allow us to present to customers their monthly usages and billing for their environments. The key areas are Jazz monitoring/Billing, FlexLTML monitoring/Billing, (both areas here are looking for Peak concurrent usage), VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) Details, and Helpdesk. "CumulusFour" are Payton Climer, Westley Huebner, Curtis Myers, Kevin Ray.
Philip Heath, on the right, talks with the "Cumulus Four" team members.

"GetIT" will present its LifeNet Web Portal. LifeNet Community Behavioral Healthcare is an out-patient mental health clinic that provides services to indigent and homeless individuals and families. LifeNet is comprised of 3 divisions, Clinical Services, Supported Employment, and Permanent Supportive Housing. LifeNet needs a website for its housing department that not only promotes the department but also serves as a portal for homeless people to sign up for housing, submit contact info to LifeNet staff and get self-help. Team members are Zachary Banes, James Freeman, Wesley Nyamangwanda, and Timothy Page.
Associate Dean for the College of Engineering Dr. Vijay Vaidyanathan, on the left, at Design Day.

"Life Tech" developed a Child Rewards Mobile App which is primarily focused on design and implementation of a Mobile Application that will allow a parent or primary user to set a "Chore" list that a child or second user would have to complete in order to gain tokens to access applications or gain internet access on their mobile smart phones. "Life Tech" members are Christopher Brown, Kenneth Leddy, Christopher Lord, Ian Walton, and Byron West.
Dr. Bryant hears about Cheevos from the Life Tech team members.

"Redeye Consultants" created an ecommerce website for Alan Blanquicet, a business owner who wants to extend his personalized clothing services to an online audience. This website will allow him to reach a greater number of clients while managing his current sales and business. It will also streamline his sales and finances into an easy to use and manage format. "Redeye Consultants" are Anousone Bousanouvong, Christopher Daughtrey, Christopher Herrera, Jonathan Mesa, and Alfredo Villagomez.
Philip Heath, on the right, checks out the project designed by the Redeye Consultants.

"Tru Identity" developed an Identity Protection Mobile App to design a solution for mobile devices that allows a user to log into websites from their mobile device using only one unique and creative authentication method without remembering passwords and usernames. Student presenters are (L to R): James Glenn, Mark Hurtado, Partrick Cryer, William Evans, James Mills, Jose Salazar..
Dr. Bryant, on the left, hears about the TrueID project.
Philip Heath, on the right, also stopped by.

Photos taken by Genene Murphy.