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2013 CSE Students celebrate Halloween

The ACM and ACM-W hosted its annual CSE Trick-or-Treat Party on Halloween, October 31, 2013. Fourteen labs and offices in the CSE Department participated in the event and handed out candy to students who went to each location and asked questions. The following labs and offices participated:

Welcome Table

Ms. Stephanie Deacon

Dr. Barrett Bryant, Chair
Dr. Mahadevan Gomathisankaran
Dr. Rodney Nielsen
Dr. Xiaohui Yuan
Dr. Phil Sweany
Dr. Tamara Schneider

Human Language Technologies Lab
Software Engineering Language Lab
Network Security Lab
Computational Epidemiology Research Lab
Global Software Development Lab
Computer Vision and Intelligent Systems Lab
CSE Help Lab
Information Management and Knowledge Discovery Lab
Trusted and Secure Systems Lab

Prizes for costumes were awarded to CSE Graduate Students Pat Burke, Joseph Helsing, Quentin Mayo, and Jason Powell.

Elmo at the registration table.
CSE students visit the Computational Epidemiology Research Lab.
CSE students visit Dr. Phil Sweany in his office to ask questions and get candy.
Dr. Tamara Schneider answers the students’ questions in her office
Professor Snape at work in the Global Software Development Lab.
Searching for the next lab, the CSE Students find SELL, Software Engineering Language Laboratory.
CSE Students get answers to their questions from Logan Widick on the left in the Network Security Lab.
CSE Students meet the robot in the Human Languages Technologies Lab.
CSE Chair Dr. Barrett Bryant answers the questions from CSE Students.
Stephanie Deacon hands out candy and answers questions.
Dr. Bill Buckles greets CSE students outside his office
ACM President Quentin Mayo is Elmo
Elmo with Dr. Bill Buckles
Stephanie Deacon
Professor Snape (Jason Powell)
Dr. Mahadevan Gomathisankaran answers questions in his office.
Dr. Rodney Nielsen with a CSE trick-or-treater.
Joseph Helsing of the Computational Epidemiology Research Lab
Even the mascot of the Computational Epidemiology Research Lab was wearing a costume!
Pat Burke from the Software Engineering Languages Laboratory
Danielle Gaither, President of ACM-W, presents the winners of the costume
contest with CSE shirts: on the left is Pat Burke; in the middle is Jason Powell;
and on the right is Joseph Helsing.

Photos taken by Genene Murphy.