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2014 Graduate Student Appreciation

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering and the UNT Toulouse Graduate School joined forces to show their appreciation of our PhD students and MS students who work for the CSE Department. A party was held on April 16, 2014 to thank all of our graduate students for helping in our department. The Toulouse Graduate School provided a goody bag of gifts for students and the Department offered students a cake with the printing "Thank You." Dr. Bryant gave a short speech and thanked all the graduate students in our CSE Department.

Dr. Bryant thanks our
CSE graduate students.
Sally Pettyjohn cuts the cake.
Joseph Helsing and Marko Scrbak
Stephanie Deacon, Garima Bajwa, and Shanti Thiyagaraja
Shanti Thiyagaraja, Mohamed Fazeen Mohamed Issadeen and Garima Bajwa
Quentin Mayo and David Adamo
John Wesley Solomon and Samuel Skidmore
Siyuan Liu and Longbo Kong
Stephanie Deacon and Marty O’Neill
Tawfiq Shah and Sasi Koneru
Dr. Robert Akl, Dr. Kathleen Swigger, Dr. Xaiohui Yuan, and Sally Pettyjohn
Wasi Ur-Rehman, Jagannadh Vempati and Md Abir Khan
Saratchandra Indrakanti and Bandita Sarma
Mahzabeen Islam and Sally Pettyjohn
Marty O’Neill and Dr. Bryant
Jorge Reyes-Silveyra and Marko Scrbak
Photos taken by Genene Murphy.