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Maintaining Graduate Standing

All graduate students are expected to make satisfactory progress toward a degree. An overall B average must be maintained, and two courses per year (not previously attempted) must be completed or evidence submitted showing activity in thesis or dissertation work.

For the M.S. Degree, all requirements must be completed within six years from the date of admission. Students accepted in the Ph.D. program must be admitted to candidacy within three or five years from their date of admission to the Ph.D. program depending on whether or not the student already has a Master's degree. After admission to candidacy, all requirements, including the dissertation and the final oral exam, must be completed within five additional years.

Any provisionally admitted student who fails to fulfill the requirements specified at admission or any student who for two successive semesters fails to maintain at least a B average will be dropped from the program, unless after a review of the student's overall record, it is the opinion of the Graduate Committee that the student has demonstrated sufficient potential to pursue the graduate program successfully. In this case, probationary status will be granted for one semester.