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Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering


The mission of the Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering is to provide high quality research and educational experiences by maintaining a balance between theoretical and experimental aspects of computer science. The primary focus of the Ph.D. program is development and demonstration of research skills. The department facilitates a collegial atmosphere that is conducive to intellectual and scholarly pursuits of the faculty and students. The department encourages interdisciplinary research among faculty, students, and research associates.

Ph.D. Requirements

In addition to satisfying the general requirement for all UNT doctoral degrees listed in the Graduate Catalog, each Ph.D. student must satisfactorily complete the following:

  1. A minimum of 6 hours of 6000 level organized courses in Computer Science and Engineering.

  2. The residence requirement, consisting of two consecutive terms/semesters of enrollment in at least 9 semester hours.

  3. PhD Qualifying Requirements:

    1. Formation of a PhD committee after at most four (4) long semesters. This committee shall consist of the student's advisor (major professor) and at least three (3) additional members.

    2. Student must have a copy of their Degree Plan, complete and approved by the Graduate School.

    3. A student shall complete with a grade of B or higher, a theoretical course such as Analysis of Algorithms, that is recommended/approved by the student's PhD committee.

    4. Tool Requirement: An oral exam to be conducted by the student's PhD committee to assure the research readiness of the candidate. The format of this Oral exam is to be determined by the student's PhD committee. Unless specified otherwise, the Research Presentation as part of the Research Readiness Exam will serve as our tool requirement.

    5. The student shall complete the Qualifying Examination requirements as outlined by the CSCE “Results of PhD Qualifying Examination” requirements form (located in the CSCE main office).

    6. The results of the Qualifying examination and the assessment of the student's research readiness shall be recorded in part 2 of this form, signed by the committee and submitted to the Graduate Secretary for processing.

  4. Dissertation Proposal Defense: An oral presentation of a detailed research plan. The research plan (prospectus) is distributed to the committee well in advance and an examination announcement will be distributed for interested graduate faculty and students.

  5. Dissertation Defense: Upon completion, the dissertation is to be distributed to the committee members at least 4 weeks prior to the final examination date. The candidate will prepare a formal presentation of their dissertation research and results to be defended during an oral exam.

  6. Upon completion of the Dissertation Defense, the student shall be required to present a departmental colloquium upon completion of all other Ph.D. requirements. The colloquium is deemed to be different from the dissertation defense and shall prepare the candidate to present their research to a broader audience.