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2014 October Net-Centric I/UCRC Meeting

The National Science Foundation Net-Centric Software and Systems Industry/University Cooperative Research Center Net-Centric I/UCRC met on October 8-9, 2014 in the Great Wolf Lodge Convention Center in Grapevine, Texas.

The Net-Centric I/UCRC organizes two meetings per year. At these semi-annual meetings, faculty and students make presentations based on their current research projects. These projects are generously funded by the industrial members of the center. After the presentations, students and faculty from each participating University present posters which visually illustrate his or her project. During this time industry members and other faculty take the opportunity to walk around to view each piece of work. Following the presentations was a reception for all in attendance; where students, faculty, and industrial members could mingle, collaborate, and discuss work in progress. New project proposals are reviewed for funding by the Industrial Advisory Board of the center.

At present the I/UCRC includes 19 industrial members and 5 universities (with UNT as the lead university). For more information, contact Dr. Krishna Kavi, Director of the Center, at

Dr. Kavi welcomes members of the I/UCRC.
Dr. Kavi reviews the schedule with the group.
Dr. Kavi gives the Center Overview.
Dr. Kavi cites the accomplishments of the I/UCRC.
Presentation by Dr. Lawrence Chung’s graduate student from UTD.
Vishwath Mohan, a graduate student of Kevin W. Hamlen from UTD, presents his project.
I-Ling Yen of UTD makes her presentation about her project.
Presentation by Farokh Bastani from UTD.
M. Saquib from UTD makes his presentation.
Dr. Kavi reports on his continuing project for UNT.
Mahadevan Gomathisankaran from UNT makes his presentation on a continuing project.
Dr. Gomathisankaran and Dr. Kavi from UNT present their new project.
Sanjay Madria from Missouri University of Science and Technology presents his new project.
Dr. Kavi introduces Alan Sill, Site Director of the Cloud and Autonomic Computer Center at Texas Tech University.
Andreas Spanias of Arizona State University makes his presentation about a new project.
Mike Ignatowski from AMD makes his presentation.
Jesse Lee makes his presentation about cybersecurity for Raytheon.

Poster Presentations

Dr. Gomathisankaran in the center is flanked by CSE Graduate Students Srujan Kotikela on the left and Patrick Kamongi on the right.
Dr. Andreas Spanias and his students from the School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering at Arizona State University.
CSE Graduate Student Marko Scrbak (in blue shirt) presents his poster.
CSE Graduate Student Jim Buchanan (left) explains his poster to Robert Boyd from Ericsson (right).
Eunjung Park from UTD.
Haan Mo Johng from UTD.
Haan Mo Johng and Eunjung Park
CSE staff member Sally Pettyjohn and UNT Graduate Student Marko Scrbak
Dr. Kavi (right) talking with Jesse Lee from Raython and Chenyu Lee.
Dr. Kavi explaining this poster.
CSE Graduate Student Jim Buchanan in the blue jacket.
CSE Graduate Student Ashok Dahal
CSE Graduate Student Patrick Kamongi (in red shirt) explains his project to Jesse Lee from Raytheon while Dr. Kavi listens on the left.
Robert Boyd from Ericsson learns from Dr. Kavi’s post-doc student Chenyu Lee.
CSE Graduate Student Marko Scrbak (right) explains his poster.
Vishwath Mohan from UTD on the left with Pete Poorman also from UTD.
CSE Graduate Student Ashok Dahal explains his project to Dr. Andreas Spanias of Arizona State University.
Robert Boyd chats with CSE faculty member Mahadevan Gomathisankaran.
CSE Graduate Student Jim Buchanan (in blue jacket) talks about his project.
Dr. Ray Paul listens to Dr. Kavi’s post-doc student Chenyu Lee explain his poster.
CSE Graduate Student Srujan Kotikela (right) presents his poster.
Dr. Kavi with Robert Boyd from Ericsson.
CSE Graduate Student Jim Buchanan with Dr. Ray Paul.
CSE Graduate Students Jim Buchanan and Marko Scrbak.
Dr. Kavi shakes hands with Dr. Ray Paul.

Photos taken by Genene Murphy.