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2014 October CSE Advisory Council Meeting

The CSE Advisory Board met on Friday, October 24, 2014. The following Advisory Council members attended:

  • Leticia Benavides – Raytheon
  • Kathy Foster (UNT M.S. Computer Science, 1979) – Texas Instruments
  • Philip Heath (UNT Math BS, 1997) – Southwest Airlines
  • Donny Johnson – NVIDIA
  • Mike Mainard (UNT B.S. Computer Science, 1985) – Capgemini
  • Sudhir Rao – MIT Concepts
  • John Rozeboom (UNT B.S. Computer Science, 1991) – Genesis PURE
  • Joe Wright (UNT BCIS, 1995) – Masergy Communications

UNT Faculty and Staff: Barrett Bryant, Bill Buckles, Ram Dantu, Rodney Nielsen, Robert Renka, Costas Tsatsoulis, and Genene Murphy.

Front row (L-R): Robert Renka, Ram Dantu, Hassan Takabi, Sudhir Rao, Leticia Benavides, Kathy Foster. Back row (L-R): Barrett Bryant, Philip Heath, Donny Johnson, Mike Mainard, John Rozeboom, Joe Wright.

The Meeting

Dr. Bryant, CSE Chair, leads the CSE Advisory Council meeting.
Assistant Professor Dr. Hassan Takabi made a presentation about his research titled
"Deception Based Attacks in Online Social Networks and Defense Approaches."

The Poster Presentations

Srujan Kotikela, student of Dr. Mahadevan Gomathisankaran, presented "Automated Architecture for Threat Modeling and Risk Assessment for Cloud Computing."
Chenyu Lee, post-doc student of Dr. Kavi, presented "Secure SLA for Cloud Services."
Jason Powell, student of Dr. Kathy Swigger, presented "Predictive Modeling for Persuasive Ambient Technology."
Song Huang, student of Dr. Song Fu, presented "Fine-grained Soft Error Injection for Profiling Application Vulnerability."
Wes Solomon, student of Dr. Rodney Nielsen, presented "Predicting Changes in Systolic Blood Pressure Using Longitudinal Patient Records."

The Luncheon

Donny Johnson chats with Ian Parberry about the game development program at UNT.
Leticia Benavides, Dr. Bryant, Dr. Murali Varanasi (Professor in Electrical Engineering) and Kathy Foster.
Sudhir Rao and Philip Heath

Photos taken by Genene Murphy.