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CSE Graduate Students present posters at Advisory Meetings

Five CSE Graduate Students presented posters about their research at the CSE Advisory Council meeting on October 24 and the College of Engineering Advisory Board meeting on November 11, 2014. Members of these councils had an opportunity to learn about the research of our CSE students. Thanks to these students for presenting their posters!

Song Huang presented "Fine-grained Soft Error Injection for Profiling Application Vulnerability.”
Dr. Song Fu is his major professor.
Srujan Kotikela presented "Radium: Race-free On-demand Integrity Measurement Architecture."
Dr. Mahadevan Gomathisankaran is his major professor.
Chen-Yu Lee presented "Secure SLA for Cloud Services."
Chen-Yu is a post-doctoral student with Dr. Krishna Kavi.
Jason Powell presented "Predictive Modeling for Persuasive Ambient Technology."
Dr. Kathy Swigger is Jason’s major professor.
Wes Solomon presented "Predicting Changes in Systolic Blood Pressure Using Longitudinal Patient Records."
Dr. Rodney Nielsen is his major professor.

Photos taken by Genene Murphy.