CSCE 4310/5210 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (Spring 2017)


  • 7% Reading responses (email me and the TA two great questions on each day's reading by noon the day before class)
  • 8% Class participation
  • 15-25% Assignments (15% if there is a major project; 25% otherwise)
  • 0-20% Project (a major project is unlikely, but would be ~20%)
  • 15-20% Quizes (15% if there is a major project)
  • 25% Final Exam
  • 10-15% Area of Excellence (your grade for this will equal your best grade from Assignments, Project, or Final exam)

Honor Code

Please include and sign the following honor pledge on every assignment:

“On my honor, as a UNT student, I have neither given nor received unauthorized assistance on this work.”

Grade Adjustment Policy

If you believe an error has been made in grading an assignment, please write a succinct, but complete, explanation of why you feel the grade should be adjusted, and submit this along with (a copy of) the graded assignment. Keep in mind that your grade might be adjusted down, as well as up. If your goal is to come away with a better understanding of the concept in question, please do come meet with me or the TA.

Late Policy

Unless otherwise specified, work is due by 10 AM (at the beginning of class) on the due date.