CSCE 4310/5210 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (Spring 2017)

CSCE 5210 - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
T Jan 17 Introduction Ch 1 Ch1.pdf*
R Jan 19 Intelligent Agents Ch 2 Ch2.pdf*
T Jan 24 Solving Problems by Searching Ch 3.1-5 Ch3.pdf* HW1: 2.7, only utility-based agent
R Jan 26 Solving Problems by Searching Ch 3.5-7 Ch3.pptx
T Jan 31 Beyond Classical Search Ch 4.1 Ch4.pptx
R Feb 2 Beyond Classical Search Ch 4 HW2 Search, QZ1
T Feb 7 Adversarial Search Ch 5 Ch5.pptx*
R Feb 9 Adversarial Search Ch 5
T Feb 14 Adversarial Search Ch 5
R Feb 16 Constraint Satisfaction Problems Ch 6 Ch6.pdf* HW3.1, code, tests, (no rdng resp)
T Feb 21 Constraint Satisfaction Problems Ch 6
R Feb 23 Logical Agents Ch 7.1-5 Ch7.pdf* HW3.2, code, tests, (no rdng resp)
T Feb 28 Logical Agents Ch 7.7
R Mar 2 First-Order Logic and Inference 8.{2,3.2,3.4}
Ch8.pdf* (rdng resp optional = bonus)
T Mar 7 Quantifying Uncertainty Ch 13 Ch13.pdf* HW3.3, code, tests
R Mar 9 Probabilistic Reasoning Ch 14-.4 Quiz 2 (Due by 9:59AM, no late credit)
F Mar 10 HW3.4, code (Due by 11:59PM)
T Mar 14 Spring Break
R Mar 16 Spring Break
T Mar 21 Natural Language Processing 22-.3.0,.4.0 Ch22.pdf (no rdng resp)
R Mar 23 Machine Learning Ch 18-.4 Ch18.pdf*
T Mar 28 Machine Learning 18.7,.10-11.1 DTs.pptx
R Mar 30 Deep Learning ANNs.ppt HW3.5 (no rdng resp)
T Apr 4 Machine Learning HW3.6
R Apr 6 Reinforcement Learning Ch 21 Ch21.pptx (no rdng resp)
T Apr 11 Perception Ch 24.1-3 Ch24.pptx*
R Apr 13 Perception Ch 24.4-6
T Apr 18 Robotics Ch 25.1-3 r1,r2:1-2,r3
R Apr 20 Robotics Ch 25.4-8
T Apr 25 Natural Language Processing Ch 23
R Apr 27 Natural Language Processing TBD (no rdng resp)
T May 2 Natural Language Processing TBD (no rdng resp)
R May 4 Review (no rdng resp)
R May 11 8:00-10:00 AM Final Exam

Reading Assignments:

Specific sections to be read in the book will be detailed as we approach a chapter's reading. Some topics might have additional external readings required, in which case links will be added to the syllabus.

HW Assignments:

Unless otherwise specified, homework assignments are due by email to me and Nishitha prior to 10 AM on the due date.


* Most or all of the marked slides were adopted from Stuart Russell's slides (