Ryan Garlick


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Dr. Garlick has over 16 years of industry and academic experience. He is currently a faculty member at the University of North Texas in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. With full-stack expertise in e-commerce from both an academic and industry perspective, he regularly consults with industry on shopping cart development, payment gateways, e-commerce security, and integration with manufacturing, fulfillment, and shipping. Dr. Garlick teaches the Database, Internet Programming, IT Project Management, and Secure e-Commerce courses at UNT. He has broad expertise in web technologies, search, Android development, PHP, Java, and database-backed websites. Dr. Garlick has developed real estate financial software for calculating transactional closing costs and holds a bachelor’s degree in Finance, a PhD in Computer Science and an active Texas real estate license. Dr. Garlick was a principal in the National Geographic special ‘The Code Breakers’, and the 5-part History Channel series ‘The Hunt for the Zodiac Killer’.

Dr. Garlick has extensive experience with patents relating to the web, search, and database fields. In the past three years, he has worked as a technical expert in many patent related matters, involving hundreds of hours of research, investigation, and study. He has been qualified as an expert by the Court, performed several code reviews, and given testimony by deposition and at trial. He has also helped counsel and Courts to understand technology that often seems arcane. In doing so, he has become familiar with, and actively worked with the legal principles that underlie claim interpretation in the transactional website and software development industries.



PhD in Computer Science

May 2003

Southern Methodist University

Dallas, TX



Master of Science in Computer Science

December 1998

Texas State University

San Marcos, TX



BBA in Finance with Honors

August 1995

The University of Texas at Austin

Austin, TX


Professional Experience

Principal Lecturer

University of North Texas

September 2009 - present

Denton, TX

§   Created Android Development Course with Industry Collaboration

§   Murphy Center for Entrepreneurship Faculty Fellow

§   Developed Database Course Covering MySQL and noSQL (MongoDB)

§   Created Asynchronous Online Curricula for Multiple Courses


Visiting Assistant Professor

University of North Texas

August 2003 – August 2009

Denton, TX

§   Created Courses in Mobile Development and Secure e-Commerce

§   Researched Engineering Pedagogy with Associated Grant Writing

§   Taught C++, Java, and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

§   Developed Innovative Programming Coursework Used in Several Countries



FrameTheTV.com, LLC

January 2010 – present

Dallas, TX and Austin, TX

§   Created PHP e-Commerce Site for Designing and Selling Frames for Televisions

§   Developed Online Custom Product Designer and Branded Affiliate Program

§   Manage Advertising (Adwords), Marketing, Security, and Web Development

§   Year-over-Year Average Revenue Growth of 22% 2011-2016




ACM Programming Team co-Coach at the International Collegiate Programming Competition World Finals in Harbin, China. Invited Speaker at SoMiC 2013 Computer Security Conference. Proficient Writer and Public Speaker


Led Security, Development and Strategy for Several e-Commerce and Real Estate Sites.

Built “FrameTheTV” e-Commerce Startup to Multi-State Distributors and Re-Sellers


IP Litigation Consultant and Expert Witness with Experience Giving Testimony by Deposition and at Trial, Performing Numerous Source Code Reviews and Preparing Extensive Reports


Developed “Mobile World Records” Cloud Storage Android App (>5,000 Downloads). Convergence Technology Center Mobile Development Workshop Leader


Full Stack e-Commerce Expertise (including Shopping Cart Development, Payment Gateways, e-Commerce Security, Marketing, Integration with Manufacturing, Fulfillment, and Shipping Platforms, Amazon Integration, Miva Merchant, ZenCart, WooCommerce, Shopify, Apache Web Server, Web and Mobile Development, Search (Solr), and Android Development). Real Estate and Financial Software, Java, PHP, javascript

Real Estate

Texas Real Estate License # 428910. Developed and Marketed “QuickNet” Financial Software for Estimating Real Estate Closing Costs. Experienced in Real Estate Finance and Investment


Courses Taught

Undergraduate (CSCE Courses)



Computer Science I : C / C++, Java


Computer Science II : C /C++, Java


IT Project Management : Microsoft Project, Agile, Git, Basecamp, Project Finance and Budgeting


Symbolic Processing : Project Course Attempting to Decode the Zodiac-340 Cipher


Advanced Programming : Android Development


Internet Programming : PHP, JavaScript, Node.js, AngularJS, HTML/CSS , Client/Server, APIs, AWS


Introduction to Computer Networks : Ethernet, TCP / IP, Application Layer


Introduction to Artificial Intelligence : Algorithms, Neural Networks


Database Systems : SQL, MySQL, Object Stores, NoSQL, Amazon Web Services DynamoDB


Software Development I : Year-Long Capstone Project Course


Software Development II : Year-Long Capstone Project Course


Secure Electronic Commerce : Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Shopping Cart Development, Payment Gateways, e-Commerce Security, SSL, TLS, Authentication and Authorization, Blockchain


Directed Studies :  One-on-one or Small Cohort Classes on Various Software Topics


Software Development Capstone : Topics Course for Small Groups


IT Capstone : Topics Course – Cryptocurrency Mining


Graduate (CSCE Courses)



Artificial Intelligence : Genetic Algorithms, Meta-Heuristics


Secure Electronic Commerce : Project-Based Course Creating a Real-World e-Commerce Site


Litigation Support

Rutan & Tucker, LLP

Matter: Alleged misappropriation of software trade secrets



Extreme Reach, Inc. v. Priority Workforce, Inc. et al.


CA Central District, 2:17-cv-06796

Rebuttal Expert Report Regarding Independent Code Development



Locke Lord, LLP

Matter: Patent infringement, web-based faceted search technologies


Gonzalez v. New Life Ventures, Inc.

TX Eastern District, 2:14-cv-00907

Claim Construction, Source Code Review, Declaration, Infringement Expert Report, Deposition, Trial Testimony



Gonzalez v. Tagged, Inc.


TX Eastern District, 2:14-cv-0993

Claim Construction, Source Code Review, Declaration, Infringement Expert Report, Deposition



Gonzalez v. InfoStream Group Inc.


TX Eastern District, 2:14-cv-00906

Declaration, Infringement Consulting



Gonzalez v. Social Concepts, Inc.


CA Northern District, 4:15-cv-01719

Claim Construction, Source Code Review



Gonzalez v. Autotrader.com, Inc.


GA Northern District, 1:15-cv-01157

Claim Construction, Source Code Review



Gonzalez v. Snap Interactive, Inc.


TX Eastern District, 2:14-cv-00992

Declaration, Infringement Consulting



Gonzalez v. Global Personals, LLC


TX Eastern District, 2:14-cv-00952

Declaration, Infringement Consulting



Gonzalez v. Zulily, Inc.


TX Eastern District, 2:14-cv-00630

Infringement Consulting



Gonzalez v. Black Devine


TX Eastern District, 2:14-cv-00160

Infringement Consulting



Gonzalez v. Elite Marketing Solutions, Inc.


TX Eastern District, 2:14-cv-00963

Declaration, Infringement Consulting



Television and Media

The Hunt for The Zodiac Killer

History Channel / Karga 7 Pictures

Code Team Member on 5-Part Series Investigating Zodiac Crimes



It Was Him

Spike TV / Objective Media Group

Zodiac Cipher Interviewee and Consultant



The Code Breakers

National Geographic Channel

Principal – Hour Long Program on Codes and Ciphers



Zodiac Ciphers and Codebreaking


Numerous Radio, Podcast, and Print Interviews




Grants Awarded

UNT STARS Student Development

NSF STARS Computing Corps Grant




Social Entrepreneurship in an iPhone Development Course

Texas Transformative Instruction Initiative Grant




Using ALICE as a Bridge to Java in CS1

UNT Transformative Instruction Initiative Grant






Entrepreneurial Learning in a Secure e-Commerce Course through Creating Competitive Real-World Sites

Proceedings of EEE


Garlick, R.



Using ALICE in CS1 - a Quantitative Experiment

ITiCSE Innovation in CS Education

Garlick, R. & Celikel, E.



Motivating and Retaining CS2 Students with a Competitive Game Programming Project

iNEER Special Volume: Innovations


Garlick, R. & Akl, R.



Strategies for Retention and Recruitment of Women and Minorities in Computer Science and Engineering

iNEER Special Volume: Innovations


Akl, R., Keathly, D. & Garlick, R.



Intra-Class Competitive Assignments in CS2: A One-Year Study

Proceedings of ICEE

Garlick, R. & Akl, R.



Dynamic Wavelength Routing in WDM Networks via Ant Colony Optimization

Ant Algorithms


Garlick, R. & Barr, R.



Variable Hidden Layer Sizing in Elman Recurrent Neuro-Evolution

Journal of Applied Intelligence

Garlick, R. & Kaikhah, K.