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Yan Huang, Ph.D.
Professor, CSE
Senior Associate Dean Dean
College of Engineering
University of North Texas

Yan Huang is a professor of Department of Computer Science and Engineering , Senior Associate Dean and Director of Graduate Studies of Colllege of Engineering , University of North Texas , Denton, TX, USA.

Her research interests include spatio-temporal databases and mining, geo-stream data processing, smart transportation, and location-based social networks. She has been a visiting scholar of Microsoft Research Asia May - Aug. 2011. During Fall 2011, she visited Fudan University , Shanghai, China. Her research is supported by Texas Advanced Research Program (ARP), Oak Ridge National Lab, NSF, Texas Department of Transportation, and DoD. Her Google Scholar citation.

She received her B.S. degree in Computer Science from Peking University , Beijing, China, in July 1997 and Ph.D. degree in, Computer Science from University of Minnesota , Twin-cities, MN, USA, in July 2003.

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