CSCE 3110 Data Structures

Instructor: Rada Mihalcea             Spring 2006

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  • 03/09/06 The third assignment has been posted.
  • 02/16/06 The second assignment has been posted.
  • 01/29/06 The first assignment is out.
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Syllabus [pdf]

Instructor: Rada Mihalcea
Office: Research Park, F228, tel: 940-369-7630
Email: rada at
Class hours: TTh 04:00-05:20pm
Office hours: TTh 02:30-03:30pm
Teaching assistant: Ben Leong
Office: F205
Office hours: Wed 12-2pm
Course description: This course provides an introduction to the design and analysis of fundamental data structures and algorithms. A special emphasis is placed on programming and hands-on experience, meant to reinforce the theoretical aspects covered in lectures.

Schedule (tentative) and Class Notes

Date Lecture Reading material NB
01/17/06 Introduction. Course Overview. [ppt] - -
01/19/06 Algorithm Analysis I. [ppt] Weiss, chap.2 -
01/24/06 Algorithm Analysis II / ADT [ppt] Weiss, chap.2 -
01/26/06 Algorithm Analysis II [ppt] Weiss, chap.2 Assignment 1 issued.
01/31/06 Arrays [ppt] Weiss, chap.3 -
02/02/06 Lists [ppt]. Weiss, chap.3 -
02/07/06 More Lists [ppt]. Weiss, chap.3 -
02/09/06 Stacks [ppt] Weiss, chap.3 Assignment 1 due.
02/14/06 Queues [ppt] Weiss, chap.3 -
02/16/06 Stack Applications [ppt] - Assignment 2 issued.
02/21/06 Trees [ppt] Weiss, chap.4 (4.1) Guest lecture: Ben Leong
02/23/06 Trees [ppt] Weiss, chap.4 Guest lecture: Ben Leong
02/28/05 Binary search trees [ppt] Weiss, chap.4 -
03/02/06 Search Trees [ppt]. Weiss, chap.4 Assignment 2 due.
03/07/06 Exam Review all the material studied so far Assignment 3 issued.
03/09/06 Exam I. - -
03/14/06 Spring break - -
03/16/06 Spring break - -
03/21/06 Class discussions
Midterm, assignment, project
- -
03/23/06 Search Trees [ppt]. Weiss, chap.4 Assignment 3 due.
03/28/06 Priority Queues. Heaps. [ppt].
Weiss, chap.6 -
03/30/06 Applications using Trees. [ppt]
Weiss, sec.10.1.2 Assignment 4 issued.
04/04/06 Dictionaries. Skip Lists. [ppt]
Weiss, chap.5, sec.10.4 -
04/06/06 Hashing [ppt] Weiss, chap.5, sec.10.4 -
04/11/06 Sorting (I) [ppt]. Weiss, chap.7 -
04/13/06 Sorting (II) [ppt] Weiss, chap.7 -
04/18/06 Graphs (I) [ppt]. Weiss, chap.9 Assignment 4 due.
04/20/06 Graphs (II)
Weiss, chap.9 -
04/25/06 Exam II. all the material studied so far. -
04/27/06 Graphs (III) - -
05/02/06 Project presentations (I) - -
05/04/06 Project presentations (II) - project report/code due.



Required textbook
Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C++ M.A.Weiss

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Recommended reading
Fundamentals of Data Structures in C++
by Ellis Horowitz, Sartaj Sahni, Dinesh Mehta

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