CSCE 5430: Software Engineering - Fall 2017

Exam: Thursday, November 17, 10:00am, open books, open net

Instructor: Paul Tarau, Professor - see my home page for contact info and office hours.

Grader: (e-mail: NitheeshaSingireddy at, you can also contact her via blackboard

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Description and Objectives:

A hands-on, project-based exposure to modern software engineering techniques.


Software development methodologies

Agile software development

Software version control

Software licenses

Software Quality Assurance

Patterns and Anti-Patterns

Software Testing

New trends in software engineering

Prerequisites: Data Structures, Algorithms, Programming Languages, significant hands-on coding experience in Java and/or C/C++.

No textbook, relying on online materials, some collected here .

Software, tutorials and related links: